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Nostco Construction is one of the most well run construction companies I have ever dealt with. With more than a dozen medical offices built under my direction, none were as stress free, with as few complications and yielding as nice of a final product as that which was built by this company. A roughly 3000 square foot medical clinic was built from scratch and completed to the final detail by the attentive and professional team at Nostco. I have already made it an imperative that Nostco become an integral part of our development operations moving forward.
-- Robert Carlton, Chief Operating Officer, MCI the Medical Office

I was referred to Nostco by a co-worker who had their kitchen done with them. I visited the house and was really impressed with their kitchen. The quality was some of the nicest work I've ever seen. Pictures didn't do it justice. I interviewed 3 other contractors. They were pretty much in and out in about half an hour and gave me a price on the spot. When Peter came by (the owner of nostco), it was a completely different experience. We spent almost 4 hours going over the basement and he came up with a design on the spot that was very thoughtful. I was really impressed with his professionalism and you could tell he knew his stuff inside out. We spent a month designing the basement and selecting materials with Peter and he didn't proceed and made numerous changes before actually starting construction. The actual construction went fairly smooth and we made very few minor changes from the original plans. During the construction, what really impressed me was the service. They were very nice people to get along with and treated my home with a ton of respect, which I really really appreciated. In addition to that, they are very skilled in what they do. I knew to expect very good quality work from having seen my friend's kitchen and they didn't disappoint. Peter banned me from going into the basement for the last week of work. He explained that the last week was when everything goes together and the basement gets finished and isn't a work-site anymore. I'm glad I didn't peek, I literally cried when he finally took us down to show us the final product. I couldn't believe it was our home. I still remember the feeling. I get so many compliments from everyone who has seen our basement ever since. I loved it so much I slept in the basement for the first few nights. It is so beyond what I expected. Peter really loves his work and is an utter joy to work with. The people he works with (electrician, plumber, carpenters) are very very skilled as well. I can't say enough good things about them. Our basement is the nicest part of our house and I'm really glad I hired them for this job. It really exceeded my expectations. I think I have a duty to tell everyone about them. Good luck Peter on all future work! You're invited over anytime!
-- Ariel Cerezo, North York

2 years ago, my husband and I retained an architect to design an addition in the back of our home. Long story short, we did not move forward with the project for almost a year and half. We then met Peter at the Home Show at the Destination Renovation booth where he was counselling/giving advice to typical homeowners like ourselves. After speaking with him, we felt he was the only person that understood our dilemma. He looked over the project and came up with a plan. We implemented some re-design, made some changes and were able to arrive at a point where we finally felt comfortable going forward with the project. Peter will work with you and go over all of the minute details and explains everything quite well. This was a very big project for my husband and I, we wanted the assurance that ours would not end up as one of those "horror stories" of possible things that could go wrong with a project. In the end, it went smooth. There were no real delays, waiting on materials, etc. Definitely well planned. The end result is exactly what we envisioned. What gives me great assurance is that I know that our addition and the project as a whole was very well built. We went through every detail of the structural enforcement that was required, and even the inspector said that he was impressed by the solid construction. I would not only recommend Nostco Construction, I would insist on it! I sleep well at night, knowing what went into this project.
-- Jodie Adler, Toronto

Nostco Construction was retained to build out a 5,500 square foot Medical office for us in East York. This office marked our third office. Even though the latest office was the largest and most complex in building design, the actual work was completed faster and more fluidly than the previous two. The company was easy to deal with, professional and was able to meet our very pressing timeline for the grand opening. A brand new X-ray room and close to a half a million dollars of medical equipment was well taken care of in the process as well. Changes were handled easily and the entire operation was well coordinated. We only wish we knew about this company before we built the other two offices. A very well run company.
-- Kenny Singh, Owner, Total Medical Centre

I have nothing but good things to say about Nostco and Peter in particular. Peter is a long time acquaintance and I have been a fan of his work for a long time. Naturally, when time came to renovate I knew where to start. Peter is chock full of amazing ideas. He designed what was supposed to be the basement and 2nd floo...r bathroom. That was the original plan but once the walls started coming down, I guess I became inspired and added more. New flooring on the main and 2nd floor, a new deck, new doors (from the front door to bedroom and closet doors with new hardware), all new door and window trim and I had the whole house repainted. I ran over to Stone tile to pick out what I wanted as the new flooring for the main floor. I spent almost the entire day picking out the tile. I called Peter up to tell him I have the tile I want to go on the main floor. Later that evening he met me at the house and brought over his own tile. He was basically like "Ok, but how about this one?". He came up with a brilliant basket weave design that I wouldn't have come up with in a million years for the stone tile on the main floor. Everyone that comes to my house for the first time now stops dead in their tracks at the front door and compliments the floor. That's how amazing it looks. We did the deck in composite and it looks gorgeous, the best feature are the small puck lights he placed throughout the deck. At night, it's nothing short of magical. I could say the same kind of thing about the basement, bathroom and everything else. He is amazing with the details and honestly that's why his renovations come out looking better than anyone else's that I've seen. I swear, he's on a different level. I'm priveleged to know him and have him as a friend and I know he bends over backwards for all of his cients. I would say more but I don't want his head getting too big.
-- Irena Yakov, Thornhill

I suppose if you have ever had extensive renovations done to your home, you can relate to the emotional/financial journey. But one of the reasons we were able to come out of our experience relatively unscathed is because of Nostco Construction. We experienced numerous delays with suppliers and the design was changed several times throughout the length of the project. What was supposed to be in fact a 5 1/2 month project, turned into a 10 month project. Mostly due to the aforementioned reasons. Our designer was fantastic and recommended Nostco for the project, having worked together on past projects. Aside from the delays, for which we don't hold either responsible for, the project did proceed in a timely manner in the aspects where changes were not added. I understand that when there are delays, it does affect all parties. As for Nostco's involvement, they were prompt and professional throughout the project. The crew worked well and the management was attentive. I have no future plans of undertaking such a large scale renovation again any time in the near future. At times it seemed like it would never end but I suppose that it the nature of what it takes. The company was prompt in responding to the numerous changes however and I believe did a good job in trying to keep the project on budget and time. I really don't think I could ask for more. I found Noscto to be professional, forthright and attentive. I did feel that the project was in good hands and that they were on our side all throughout. I would certainly recommend them.
-- Dr. Anne Patterson, Phd, Toronto

We decided to purchase a house that was a little dated and in need of some upgrades. The thought process being, that we will make the necessary upgrades ourselves in a manner that suited our taste. Before purchasing and putting an offer on the house, we invited 3 contractors to take a look at, and provide us with an analysis of what that would entail. With 2 of the contractors, it was pretty much a miss. They gave us a vague description of the work and a bottom line price that didn't tell me what was included, what was not included. We decided to go with Nostco because they actually explained what was included properly and broke the job down for us. For this, we gave them a deposit that was later credited back to us. They were by far the most flexible in that regard, and offered us 3 different forms of contracting which I thought was a very solid approach. I don't understand why more contractors can't have this approach but that's a whole story in itself. I want to know what I'm paying for, where the money is going and that's something Nostco does. They scheduled us in, designed the renovation, got the proper permits and began work the day after we took possession. We purchased our kitchen cabinets through them as well and they designed the kitchen with us. I like the "hands off" approach and only made 4 or 5 visits to the house while the work was going on. Everything was done as agreed and everyone was easy to get along with and professional. The work got done before schedule which was nice because it gave us more time to start moving our stuff in. The end result looks great, they kept to their word, the workmanship is flawless, the paper work was handled well, open line of communication, kept to the budget and just an over all reassuring and pain free experience. In the next couple of years we will also be finishing our basement and we will use this company again for that project. They are honest, professional, helpful, put out some impressive quality work. Just an over all well rounded company that pretty much has the bases covered to the point where they can get the job done as agreed, deliver the knowledge/trades required to get the job done, keep to their word. Just a worry free experience and proper professional service.
-- Dan Hamilton, Scarborough

The first time I met Peter I was very impressed by his knowledge, attention to detail and design ideas. Peter was also very easy to talk to and took the time to understand our needs. We hired Peter to remove a load bearing wall, reface our fireplace and to install two exterior doors. Peter and his team were always on time, worked very efficiently, cleaned up after each day and did an excellent job. We are certainly going to hire Peter again for other projects in our home.
-- Anthony Stanislaus, Pickering

Peter helped our family with an extensive renovation to our new home in Rosedale. Pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. The project consisted of a full gut of the basement, main and second floor. We redesigned the interior space and opened up the floor by removing support beams/structures. New HVAC, plumbing, electrical and finishes. Professional crew and sub-trades, wel...l handled all throughout. Quite pleased with the outcome. It's hard to find an honest, professional contractor and this was our first major renovation so we were a little worried. Peter and his crew came through and did not disappoint. I have already recommended Nostco to friends and family and will continue to sing praises. On time as promised and kept to the budget quite well. They are truly devoted to their work and go the extra mile to get it right.
-- James Marlow, Toronto


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